Collision Repair & Auto Body Services Dulles Sterling

Accidents happen. Dealing with the aftermath of a collision isn’t fun, but the experts at Leehigh will get your car back in good condition so it looks like your accident never happened. We specialize in all auto body repair work from fixing minor dings and dents to major accident repairs. Leehigh is proud to work with all major insurance companies.

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bumperBumper Repair

Your bumper reduces the physical damage your vehicle takes from slow-speed, minor collisions. When your bumper is damaged, the auto body experts at Leehigh will get the front or rear of your car looking like new again.


rust repair

Rust Repair

Rust is an unfortunate consequence of the chemical reaction between metal and oxygen. Although less common than in the past, rust still happens! Not just unsightly, it can impact the integrity of your vehicle’s metallic body parts. Let Leehigh resolve your vehicle’s rust problems!


Frame Straightening & Repair

The frame is your vehicle’s backbone, so it’s important that it is kept straight and in good condition. Accidents may weaken the frame and they can cause a rough ride, tire wear and reduced mileage. Leehigh’s auto body shop can handle most frame straightening and repair jobs.


A collision repair may require welding. The Leehigh auto body team is highly trained and experienced in all types of welding techniques.



Vehicle Painting & Custom Paint

Whether you want to restore your car to its former glory or turn heads with a customized paint job, Leehigh’s experienced and talented paint professionals can give your ride a fresh coat.


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My wife and I both feel that Leehigh is very honest and forthrightSean, Kelly, and [the other Leehigh staff members] just treat you fairly with your service needs and get the work done on time. I have been coming in for about 10 years for service work and body shop work; they tell the customer upfront what needs to be done to accomplish the job and don’t hide anything. Their vast experience is invaluable.

Bob N.