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Safety InspectionsSafety Inspections

Leehigh is a Certified Virginia Safety Inspection Station. Get your vehicle checked once a year to keep your car safe and road-legal.


EmissionsEmissions Inspections

Leehigh is a Certified Virginia Emissions Inspection Station. To ensure your car meets state environmental standards, you must have your car’s emissions checked once every two years.

climate controlClimate Control

Just like your HVAC unit keeps you comfortable in your house, your vehicle’s climate control system keeps you comfortable while driving. At Leehigh, we have the right equipment and training to keep you comfortable no matter the weather outside.

belts and hosesBelts/Hoses

Automotive belts and hoses are typically made of rubber, which, over time, begins to deteriorate and can cause serious issues. Hoses do not typically show external signs of wear, while belts begin to crack when they need to be replaced. Leehigh typically inspects belts and hoses during regular service, but we encourage you to make an appointment for a check if you notice any signs of wear.


The exhaust system of your vehicle is designed to direct the flow of gases from the combustion process to exit from the rear of your car. The pipes in this system tend to rust over time and as a result of  weather. If you notice that your vehicle has gotten louder while driving, bring it to Leehigh and we’ll replace the offending part and restore that sweet sound of silence to your driving experience.

electrical systemsElectric Systems

One of the most complex systems on any vehicle is the electrical system. With the complexity and large quantity of electronics inside today’s vehicles, it is important to have qualified and experienced technicians diagnose and repair your car’s electrical systems. The technicians at Leehigh are the best in the Northern Virginia area at diagnosing such complex issues.

cooling systemCooling System

The engine in a vehicle creates an immense amount of heat while operating. If not cooled properly, the engine will overheat and cease to run. Cooling systems are responsible for dissipating heat from the engine. If you notice your engine’s temperature gauge starting to climb, bring it to Leehigh, where we can diagnose your cooling system problem and promptly fix it.

starting and charging systemsStarting and Charging Systems

The starting and charging system of your vehicle regulates the multiple electrical processes that it takes for it to start and run. The starting and charging systems of your car are responsible for getting your car started and keeping the sophisticated onboard electronics working. Leehigh can test both systems to ensure they are working properly and when they don’t, we can diagnose and replace the failed part.